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A professional backend software developer, specializing in real-time, low-latency systems. I have experience developing and maintaining distributed systems with a focus on performance and scalability.

Software Developer Erlang · Python · Elixir · Bash

Docker · Jenkins · Linux RHEL · Elasticsearch · RESTful API dev ·

Development techniques

Real-time, low-latency delivery of messages in event-driven architectures. Programming micro-services for horizontal scalability and distributed systems. High confidence in concurrent programming.

Deployment and Automation

Strong experience with Docker containerisation, Jenkins pipelines for deployment and building applications for Linux (RHEL). Confident in shell scripting.

Development Life Cycle

Test driven development. QA and Version control. Feature backwards compatibility and production monitoring. Maintained and supported production ELK stack for infrastructure insights, service health monitoring and large volume storage of application statistics.

Soft skills

Experience in cross-team project collaboration of various technical backgrounds: system architects, back-end (DB engineers), front-end (UI) and other project stakeholders. Provided intra-team support and mentorship for junior members.


I'm a committed software developer with a solid background in Computer Science. After completing my university education, I ventured into the fast-paced domain of real-time web back-end development. During my time at bet365, I gained significant expertise in Erlang, focusing on constructing highly scalable, distributed, and parallelized systems.

My Career Timeline

The journey so far (click on a timeline point to explore).

  1. 2015

    Graduated Holy Cross College

    My first encounter with programming in the Computer Science course. The first language I learned was Visual Basic 6 to build simple Windows Forms. My other subjects, Mathematics and Physics, provided me with a solid foundation for problem solving skills.


    • Mathematics (A)

    • Physics (A)

    • Computing (A)

  2. 2017

    Enrolled at Liverpool Hope University


    To further my career in a STEM field, I decided to enroll for a Computer Science undergraduate degree.

    My Modules

    The course delivered a wide variety of modules which allowed me to narrow down on my interests. Some of my favourite areas of study include AI & machine learning, web development, Embedded programming, IoT, assembly, Virtual and Augmented Reality.

    My Projects

    • A weather data collection module using ESP8266 and a long range radio transceiver (C++).

    • Speech Emotion Recognition using convolutional neural networks (Python).

    • SteamVR puzzle game written in Unity VR (C#).

    • Fractal set generator GUI (C++).

  3. 2020

    Graduated with First Class Honours

    BSc 1st Class Honours

    Final Year

    Continuing my studies during the pandemic has given me quality time to focus on my final year dissertation. The project's scope consisted of training three types of deep recurrent neural networks and comparing these to classical algorithmic approach to fusing gyro/accelerometer sensor data. The hard work has paid off, and I felt confident to pursue a Software Development career in the job market.

  4. 1 March 2021

    Junior Developer at bet365

    Many struggled to find junior positions during the pandemic, however Bet365 was hiring talent in their new Manchester quarters. Despite starting entirely remotely, the team proved to be extremely supportive and have facilitated excellent training programme for me. I promptly began tackling my first work tickets in a functional programming language, Erlang, which was new to me at the time.

    New skills

    During my junior position, aside from picking up on new programming concepts, I had to learn DevOps skills in order to update automated tests and Jenkins pipelines, Docker containerise applications, automate Linux processes with Bash and Systemd. This has overall raised my awareness of product lifecycle, maintenance and business continuity management.

  5. 29 Sept 2021

    Promotion to Mid Level Developer

    As I was told during my initial interview, bet365 is very much a culture of meritocracy. My hard work was recognised by seniorship and I was rewarded generously. I was excited to work on larger projects, collaborating with other teams and departments within the company and further expanding my understanding of system design at bet365.

    New Responsibilities

    • Provide on-call out of hours live support.

    • Independently deliver projects to the live estate

    • Maintain and update existing services in order to comply with constantly changing regulatory gambling laws in the various parts of the world

    • Pair programming and carry out pull request QAs

  6. 2024

    Continuing my growth at bet365


    Progressing towards a senior title, I'm continuing to tackle my less nurtured areas. These include Junior developer mentorship, leadership and decision making skills.

    My Achievements

    • Delivered an anti-scraper token checking mechanism.

    • Inherited ownership of a Python statistics and report generation tool.

    • Automated and optimised our ELK stack monitoring instance. The work was used as a baseline for later instances of ELK for other environments.

Projects Personal work

My dedication to writing software and devising solutions goes beyond my professional responsibilities

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